GeSHi - generic syntax highlighter

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pear channel-discover
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pear remote-list -c geshi
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pear install geshi/package_name
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pear install geshi/package_name-1.0.0
pear install geshi/package_name-beta
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geshi - Generic syntax highlighter, written in PHP.

GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter, written in PHP. You simply input the source code you wish to highlight with the language you wish to use, and the output will be a file syntax highlighted to XHTML standards.

Install commandpear install geshi/geshi
MaintainersBenny Baumann (as lead)
Releases1.0.9.0 (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), 1.0.8 (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), (stable), 1.0.7 (stable), 1.0.6 (stable), 1.0.5 (stable), 1.0.4 (stable), 1.0.3 (stable), 1.0.2 (stable), 1.0.2beta1 (beta), 1.0.1 (stable), 1.0.0 (stable)

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